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Reliance Finance Limited’s SMS System is a service provided to our customers for accessing various account related services via Mobile SMS.

SMS system basically provides two kind of services to its customers:

  1. SMS Alert: It will alert customers about the transactions made to their accounts immediately via SMS to a predefined mobile number.
  2. SMS Banking: It allows customers to make various queries/instructions via their mobile. Details of SMS codes and syntaxes are shown below.

Benefits :

  1. Timely information about transactions.
  2. Prevention from fraud transactions.
  3. 24×7 Service allows you to get information about your account anytime.
  4. Mobile accessibility allows you to get information about your account from anywhere.
  5. Time saving.
  6. Free Service.

To get the SMS service, customer has to register in our SMS system. Once the Customer is registered, customer will get a registration SMS with PIN number (Password for SMS Banking) and start getting Alerts and/or send SMS to 9851228925 with the PIN as instructed below to get desired services.

General messaging Format:

Text Format : xx PIN [OTHER FIELDS]


xx: Represents 2 lettered Service code

PIN: Represents 5 digit pin of the registered mobile phone

OTHER_FIELDS: Represents other required or optional fields based on particular service type.Fileds enclosed like FIELDS are mandatory fields while Fields enclosed like  [FIELDS] are optional fields.


Account holders of Reliance Finance Limited can avail SMS Banking by sending SMS with the desired code to number 9851228925 for under-mentioned account information:


 Desired Information
HP Help
CP Change PIN
LS List Service
AL Account List
BL Balance Enquiry
TL Transaction List
MD Maturity Details
DD Due Details


Tips :
  • PIN number will be sent to your Mobile number registered with the Bank.
  • Change the PIN before first use and change it frequently.
  • You need to type “Code”  space and PIN number and send to 9851228925.
  • Delete the SMS immediately after reading it for privacy and security reasons.


You can Download Form from here:

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 Download >> SMS_Banking Form

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