(Effective from 2078/01/01)
Account Type Interest Rate (% Per annum) Minimum Balance (Rs.)
RFL Normal Saving Account 4.50% 100.00
RFL Saving - Investor's Account 4.75% 1,000.00
RFL Special Saving Account 4.75% 1,000.00
RFL Swabhalambhi Payroll Saving Account 6.50% 0.00
RFL Student Saving Account 5.00% 500.00
RFL PWD Saving Account 6.50% 0.00
RFL Staff Saving Account 6.50% 500.00
RFL Shareholder's Saving Account 6.50% 1,000.00
RFL Dhaulagiri Saving Account 5.25% 5,000.00
RFL Kanchanjunga Saving Account 5.50% 10,000.00
RFL Everest Saving Account 5.75% 20,000.00
RFL Super Saving Account 6.00% 25,000.00
RFL Gold Saving Account 6.25% 100,000.00
RFL Diamond Saving Account 6.50% 200,000.00
RFL Borrowings Account 0.0% 1,000.00


Credit Facilities Premium Rate(% per annum)
Home Loan

Base rate + premium upto 5%

Auto Loan
Commercial Vehicle Loan (HP)
Real Estate Loan
Personal Loan (Installment Credit & Personal Overdraft)
Professional Loan
Education Loan
Reliance Atmanirbhar Karja (Micro SME Loan)
Reliance Safal Byabasai Karja (SME Loan)
Loan against share securities/ margin lending
Deprived Sector Loan (Retail)
Deprived Sector Loan (Institutional) As per agreement with MFIs
Loans under consortium financing As per the consortium agreement
Loans under FDR Upto 3% on coupon rate on FDR
Fixed Interest Rate Loan (For Individual) 13.00%

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