Reliance Finance Limited is providing different Remittance Services through below mentioned Money Transfer. You can receive your dear one’s hard earned money through these Money Transfer at Reliance Finance Ltd.

  • eSewa Money Transfer
  • Ipay Remit
  • Easy Link Remit
  • MoneyGram Money Transfer
  • City Express Money Transfer
  • Samasara Money Transfer
  • Western Union
  • IME Remit
  • Himal Remit
  • GME Remit
  • Prabhu Money Transfer

Send Money

– Go to Money Transfer remittance correspondents.
– Fill in a form provided by them.
– Full name, address and your telephone number (sender).
– Clearly mention the amount you are transferring.
– Full name, address and telephone number of the beneficiary/receiver.
– Provide account number of the beneficiary, if available.
– Remitting correspondent will give you a secret number that should be provided to the beneficiary (person receiving money) in Nepal.

Receive Money

Fill in the form available at our office along with secret number provided by the sender, original identity card and get the money within couple of minutes.

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