SMS Banking

Reliance Finance Limited’s SMS System is a service provided to our customers for accessing various account related services via Mobile SMS.

SMS system basically provides two kind of services to its customers:

SMS Alert: It will alert customers about the transactions made to their accounts immediately via SMS to a predefined mobile number.

SMS Banking: It allows customers to make various queries/instructions via their mobile APP

Benefits :

  • Timely information about transactions.
  • Prevention from fraud transactions.
  • 24×7 Service allows you to get information about your account anytime.
  • Mobile accessibility allows you to get information about your account from anywhere.
  • Time saving.
  • Free Service.

SMS Banking ( Charge )

  • Registration Charge:- Free
  • Renewal/ Maintainance Charge:- Rs. 200

To get the SMS service, customer has to register in our SMS system. Once the Customer is registered, customer will start getting Alerts from {SMS shortcode: RELFINANC (For NTC Subscribers) and SMS Shortcode : RFL_ALERT ( For Ncell Subscribers) } and/or can send SMS to 35353 .

You can Download Form from here: (SMS Banking Form) Or Visit Reliance Finance Limited Office.

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